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Yoga - #itstrending om swami gagan

Yoga - #itstrending


The latest trend in the fitness industry is that of power yoga and meditation. All health experts are calling out to yoga as their best friends. But this trend, unlike the other trends is here to stay as the benefits of yoga are more than one and in this fast moving world, yoga soothes our brains and calms our senses. Also gyms and all that happen to be another favorite of the fitness experts is not easily available everywhere or at all times. Also high-profile gyms come at a price and often that price is hefty. In such situations, yoga comes in handy which is another reason for its growing popularity.

Spend time in yoga/meditation

Summers is a season wherein the body doesn’t feel like working out too much – in gyms or on tread mills etc. Hence our body tends to go haywire due to lack of proper exercise. In such scenario, yoga comes in handy wherein we can regularize our intake and work-out in a balanced way without feeling much dehydrated.

Yoga lets you stay healthy without sweating much and is a comparatively more comfortable form of exercise. It calms our senses and lets the body relax while simultaneously burning a good amount of calories.

Coming from the horse’s mouth, the celebrities and athletes vouch for yoga. Actresses like Shilpa Shetty whose fitness regime is popular worldwide swears by yoga. A lot of her videos are quite famous among the masses that call out to the common man to make yoga a part of his/her lifestyle.


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