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by Swami Gagan

Shivology is a unique platform where you will get all Astrology related information, Spiritual Events & News, Healing & Meditation Tips and every upcoming Festival Updates.

ॐ नमः शिवाय

About Swami Ji

Since childhood Swami Ji is into Spirituality and learned Astrology, Vastu, Numerology and Vedic practices.

Swami ji, also represents Hinduism & Religion in many News Channels like TimesNow, ABP News, Zee News, etc. and other social platforms. Also involved in many Social Activities.

About Swami Ji

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  • Hi my name is Paramjeet, i am from Quebec and since here there are not many people whom you can trust for astrology consultation, but then i came across this website where i opted for a skype consultation. Swami Ji is very much experienced in his field and provides easy to do remedies. I would surely recommend him over others.


  • After consulting 3-4 Astrologers, I have not seen any Astrologer whose guidance will help you in removing the negativity around. I was going through my toughest time when I met him, his aura brings positive vibes when you talk to him. Definitely one of the best.

    Gautam Singhania, Toronto

  • I opted for a Horoscope Report and consultation, and he is actually a good Astrologer. The horoscope report that I got was very detailed and the consultation experience over the phone was also very good. I would definitely meet him in person whenever I will travel to India.

    Elizabeth, Montreal

  • He is not like every other astrologer. He consults and guides you in every aspect and offers you best remedies for your problems.


  • His guidance is not only for the present situations but for future situations and problems as well. He goes in depth of the problem and gives you the best possible solution.



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