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Yoga – A way to shed that extra Kilo! om swami gagan

Yoga – A way to shed that extra Kilo!


“Yoga is one of the best things ever discovered by mankind”, said a 92kg woman post pregnancy. Actually yoga helps lose weight in the most organic manner without sweating and straining one much. As we know, yoga manages stress pretty well and high stress levels lead to emotional eating. By managing stress hormone cortisol, yoga curbs stress levels and thereby leads to a happy state of mind.

A few aasanas to facilitate weight loss are as follows –

  1. Prasarita Padottanasana which is a wide-legged forward bend. In this posture, the legs are put wide at about 3-4 feet and the body is bent downwards with the hands clenched at the back. The more you push lower, the more strength is felt at the hamstrings.
  2. Anjaneyasana called the lunge is the best posture to tone the waist region. It is the best when the legs form a 90 degree angle with the ground.
  3. Vasisthaasana also called the side plank has also made to this list! This posture keeps your palms on the ground, shoulders wide apart and toes on the mat. The longer we hold the breath, the better it is for the abs.
  4. Vriksasana also known as the tree aasana. The pose makes your left foot pressed against your right thigh, hands joined against your chest and the body leaning forward.
  5. Utkatasana popularly called the chair pose resembles the pose wherein you sit on an imaginary chair. The pressure is felt on the quadriceps.



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