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Modern Yoga: The regular, with a twist

Modern Yoga: The regular, with a twist


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Yoga has been at the back of our minds, our textbooks and on television for times immemorial but today’s yoga is a lot more soothing and fun than what our ancestors used to practice. It is like the same old “yellow dal” but with a new “tadka”.


Modern Yoga

Modern yoga defies the regular norm of closing the eyes and meditating on a yoga mat in natural surroundings. Yoga can even be inside the 4walls of the house and further it can even be done by focusing our eyes on any object. The object can even be the tip of one's nose. Earlier people used to spend days and nights doing yoga to attain nirvana while in the present era; people take out time in between work too, for yoga to calm their minds. The results are almost the same, rather in some cases- even better!


Modern yoga is a little different than the usual yoga. The technique, the ideology, the posture all require a change of mind, so let’s get started –

  • Find a secluded spot for meditation that you don’t use for any other purpose. Use that spot regularly to meditate.
  • Be comfortable in the process. At no point, must the body feel strained.
  • Don’t think of anything that disturbs you, even if it needs urgent attention.
  • Use a relevant object to focus on, during meditation.
  • Watch your breath as you go about with the whole process.

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