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Benefits of Yoga om swami gagan

Benefits of Yoga

15 May 2018

Yoga has benefits more than one. The benefits do not just pertain to the body, they also pertain to the mind and the soul. It is a little surprising that Indians were pioneer in the field of yoga including the written word for it but the multi-faceted advantages of yoga are publicized to the rest of the world by the western world.


Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga makes you more conscious of your well-being and instead of being swayed away by emotional eating; you focus on satiety and rightful hunger.
  • Yoga sharpens all your sense organs and thereby makes you more alert and smart. It is also known to cure anxiety in all age groups.
  • Thesedays, psychologists are prescribing yoga to the teenagers to cure them of issues like depression, hormonal imbalance etc. A lot of times, victims of molestation, harassment and abuse are treated via yoga in rehabilitation centres.
  • It is a widely known fact that yoga de-stresses the body. Science has also shown that practicing regular yoga lowers the secretion of a major stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Yoga enhances deep breathing and thereby more blood is pumped to and fro from the heart. Hearth health is a major indicator of overall health of an individual. Yoga provides more oxygen to each cell and more nutrients to each tissue thereby ensuring overall health of the person.
  • Yoga also cures a lot of chronic ailments ranging from arthritis to muscle pain. Regular yoga helps to relieve sprains and injuries.


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