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Optimum Time for Yoga om swami gagan

Optimum Time for Yoga


Discipline is the key to success for anything. For any technique to work in its full swing, it is imperative that it is done with full precision. Yoga is no exception and hence to achieve the best and the fastest results, one must keep in mind a few things.


Optimum time for Yoga

While experts claim that early dawn is the most optimum time to practice yoga but for most of us it is a little infeasible to start our day at the Brahma Muhurat about 3:40 am. So in line with our current lifestyle, it is advisable to do yoga as the first thing in the morning. This keeps you fresh and going throughout the day. The only constraint in this principle is that we must ensure that our stomach is empty (at least 3 hours after a meal) before doing yoga.


Also the clothes that we wear during the whole process must be loose and airy. The room or venue of the exercise must be well-ventilated and clean. Since the yoga sessions need a lot of breath exercises, the venue must be pollution free and airy too. Never do yoga with too many people. Soothing music in the background is advisable for better concentration.


It is not mandatory that we must do yoga everyday but yes, we must create variety for our body. This not only makes it more responsive but also prevents the routine to become less mundane. We can mix the yoga sessions with jogging, running, lifting weights, etc.


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