Surya Grahan 02 July 2019 All Information with Timing and Visible Places


Surya Grahan 02 July 2019 All Information

Grahan 2019

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A Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and Sun, and Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. According to the mythology, eclipse has a lot of significance in humans life. It is considered an inauspicious event. During this period one should not undertake any auspicious activities. Eclipse is highly mentioned in the Scriptures of Hinduism. We will provide you the complete information about the Surya Grahan 2019.


Do’s and Don’ts during Surya Grahan  

Due to the Solar and Lunar eclipse, many changes in nature occurs. As per the Scriptures, Eclipse period is a hard time and no auspicious activities can be done during this time. It is believed that it brings bad luck to all the ventures starting during the Grahan. In 2019, a total number of 5 eclipses will be observed. There will be 3 Solar eclipses and 2 Lunar eclipses in 2019.

Surya Grahan 2019

This is the third eclipse of the year and the second solar eclipse of 2019. The Surya Grahan will occur on 2nd July on Tuesday in 2019.  The duration of the Solar eclipse is 2 hours 43 minutes as it starts at 23.31 pm and will end up at 02.14 am. It is the total solar eclipse and will be visible from the location of Chile and Argentina, Pacific and in South America, including locations in Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay etc. This Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India hence the Sutak Kaal will not apply here.

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