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Aura Healing


What is Aura?

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Aura is a distinctive energy field that surrounds the physical body of a person or any living entity.

An aura effects us all, for instance we meet innumerable people in our lives, some provide a sense of calm and positivity while others drain us out. All these effects are caused due to a person’s good or depraved aura.

Consequences of Good and Bad Aura

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Sometimes we meet people who are very charismatic and leave a lasting impression on our minds, these are people we want to connect with again and again as this is a resultant of a strong and clean aura.

Also there are things, people and circumstances (like an unhealthy work environment or a toxic relationship) which can contaminate our aura and leave us feeling drained out, low on energy and cause a lot of mental and emotional fogging.

An unclean aura can lead to a number of ailments which cause physical and emotional manifestations.

Hence to cure these symptoms an aura cleaning/healing is necessary.

Benefits of Aura Healing

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  • This type of healing releases all blocked energy, eradicates negative energy and thereby causes a balanced flow of positive and clean energy.
  • One benefits on both physical and mental/emotional aspects from it.
  • After an aura cleansing, one becomes very charismatic, confident and emotionally balanced.


This article is written by Dr.Geetanshu herself, who is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Tarot Reading and Healing. Click here to read more about her

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