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Benefits of Raj Surya Yagya, Significance and Puja Vidhi of Raj Surya Yagya | Shivology
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Raj Surya Yagya

04 October 2018

Raj Surya Yagya or Puja

According to the Indian Astrology, Lord Surya is the symbol of power, authority, status, vitality, honour, and relationship with father. Surya is known as Dinkara, Bhaskara, and Graharaja.

The Raj Surya Yagya is a Śrauta ritual of the Vedic Religion. Raj Surya Yagya is dedicated to Lord Surya. Raj Surya Yagya is a yajna or sacrifice, performed by the ancient Kings of India who considered themselves powerful to be an emperor.

It was performed by Harishchandra, Rama, Dharmraja and other prominent personalities. This yagya is performed by those who have harmful effects due to the wrong position of Surya in the birth Chart.

Lord Surya (Sun) represents the soul and is believed as the witness of all the events. According to the Hindu Astrology, Lord Surya is one of the nine heavenly planets.

Raj Surya Yagya maybe performed on Sunday. It is helpful to provide strength to face the problems and also removes the negative effects from the birth chart of an individual. Raj Surya Yagya is done to appease Lord Surya.

Benefits of Raj Surya Yagya

  • To get success in all your works.
  • To get name, fame and personality.
  • To get good health and good heart.
  • Make the situations favourable.
  • Helps in growth and career.
  • It removes the obstacles from your success path.

Vedic Pandits will perform this puja as per Vedic rituals based on your birth details. You have to mention your birth details like date, place and time and Sankalpa. You can do puja on individual's name or include your dear one in the Puja.

This Puja will be performed under the Guidance of Swami Gagan and after the puja rituals are completed we will send you the puja prasad at your home address.


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