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All about Nav Durga Puja or Nine Goddess Puja in Navratri
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Nav Durga Puja


Nav Durga Puja 

The Nav Durga Puja is most important festival of Hindus. It celebrated nine days in nine forms of Maa Durga. The Nav Durga Puja word is composed of Sanskrit words. It’s mean nine holy nights. Do you know that five Nav Durga Puja comes in a year?


In these holy days must be keeping fast and chanting mantras.VasantraNav Durga Puja is also known as Bansanta Navratra, raama Navratra and Chaitra Navratra, is occasion of nine days. These Nav Durga Puja comes on spring season (March - April). These Nav Durga Puja dedicates to the nine forms of Maa Durga. Its starts on (Tuesday) 28 march 2017 and will end on (Tuesday) 06 April 2017.The Nav Durga Puja Puja has always been special for the Hindu Devotees as it go constantly for the nine days. During these nine days, devotees keep fast and chant Goddess Durga’sbhajan, aarti and mantra. To perform this pooja, you need pujan items. But in fast paced life, it become hard to arrange all the pujan items. But now there is no need to consider how you will arrange as everything has been arranged by us and available in the form of Nav Durga Puja Puja Kit.

Nav Durga Puja kits items :-

  1. Ghee
  2. Haldi Powder
  3. Dhoop
  4. Supari
  5. Laung
  6. Roli
  7. Match Stick
  8. Red Cloth
  9. Itra
  10. Abheer
  11. Gulal
  12. Kesar
  13. GangaJal
  14. Honey
  15. ShrinagarSamgri
  16. SaptMitrika
  17. White Cloth

This Nav Durga Puja Kit is available at reasonable price. No need to contemplate more how you will arrange all pujan items. And you just need to order your kit and just focus on your puja instead of collecting pujan items.


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