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Shravan Maas – The Holiest Month

Shravan Maas – The Holiest Month

Shravan Maas 2018

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Shravan month is named so because it is believed that at any time during this month, the Shravan Nakshatra or constellation rules the sky and that is how it is named so.


A lot of ceremonies in the Hindu religion believers happen in the month of Shravan because almost all the days are considered auspicious in this month. It is especially preferred for starting new things and is synonymous to a Shubh-aarambha Month. The ruling deity of this month is Lord Shiva and the ruling day of the month is Monday.


In this month, all Mondays have special significance. The whole day until night, devotees keep flocking the Shiv temples and bathing the Shiva Linga with honey, oil, water and milk. They also offer Bel leaves, cacti, dhatoora etc. Some devotees also fast for the day and burn the Akhand Diya throughout the night.


The legend behind this Shravan maas is that during the Samudra Manthan, when the milky ocean was being churned in the quest of amrit, it was the month of Shravan that was running that time. During the manthan, there were 14 rubies found out of which 13 were taken by the deities and the demons. The last one though was left untouched by all because it was very poisonous. It was so poisonous that it had the poison to kill the entire universe. So lord Shiva drank it and held it in his throat which gives it the blue tinge. Due to this blue tinge he is often referred to as Neelkanth. This event made all the gods offer holy water of the Ganges to lord Shiva. This also occurred in the same month of Shravan. Since then it has been a practice to offer holy Ganges water to Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan.


People tend to wear Rudraksha in this month as Rudraksha is considered to be an auspicious stone associated with lord Shiva. Shiva Linga is offered “panchamrit” (a combination of milk, honey, curd, jiggery and ghee). Young girls preferably of marriageable age observe fast on all Mondays of the month in an attempt of seeking a good husband. People also recite Mahamrityunjay Japa in order to have a happy healthy life of all their family members.

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