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All Types of Shradh and their Significance, Types of Shradh | Shivology
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Types of Shradh


According to the Brahma Purana, in the month of Ashwin, the God of Death “Yamraj” grants freedom of all the souls so they can accept the food made by their children on the occasion of Shradh.

An important period of 16 days is dedicated to the forefather or ancestors every year. Shradh is considered perfect for performing Tarpan.

Performing Tarpan in PitruPaksha is a way of thanksgiving, remembering and honoring the ancestors for whatever they give to the present generations.

 As per the Scriptures, there are 12 types of Shradh. Today we are providing you the details about types of Shraddh


Types of Shradh  

  1. NityaShradh
  2. NeimitikShradh
  3. KaamyaShradh
  4. VriddhiShradh
  5. SapindanShradh
  6. PaarvannShradh
  7. GoshtthShradh
  8. ShurdhyarthShradh
  9. KarmaangShradh
  10. DeivikShradh
  11. OupcharikShradh
  12. SaanvatsarikShradh


Five Important Categories of Shradh

NityaShradh - This Shradh is performed every day that’s why it is termed as NityaShradh.

NeimitikShradh - Neimitik is also known as Ekodishta ThisShradh is performed in every year on Hindu death anniversary NeimitikShradh is performed.

KamyaShradh - This Shradh can be done to fulfil special wishes. KaamyaShradha is done, during Rohini or KrittikaNakshatra.

VriddhiShradh - This Shradh is done on special occasions like marriage or on the birth of boy VriddhiShradh is performed to get the blessings of the ancestors.

ParvanaShradh - This Shradh is done on Special occasions like BhadrapadaPurinima or MahalayaPurnima and PitruPaksha.


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