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Shradh Puja Vidhi in English, How to Do Tarpan and Pindaan in Shradh Puja? | Shivology
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Shradh Puja Vidhi in English


According to the Scriptures, Shradh is an occasion to pay tribute and respect to our ancestors. In 2018, the sixteen days fest started from 24 September and will end on 8 October.

It is believed that during this time our ancestors came down to bestow their blessings upon us.

Shradh holds a great significance in Hinduism. During these days, people offer food, clothes and prayers to their dead ancestors.

They also offer tarpan, Brahmin bhoj and also offer something to poor people. Today we are going to notify you the holy puja vidhi of Shradh.   


Shradh Puja Vidhi  

  • Shradh puja ritual is mainly performed by the eldest son of the family.
  • The Shradh ritual is performed after he showers and wears a ring made of “kush” grass. This grass is mostly used to invoke the ancestors.
  • PindDaan, the ritual of offering sesame seeds, rice and balls made from barley flour is performed.
  • As per your income, You have to offer food, sweets, clothes and Dakshina to Brahmin
  • The “daan” or the offering is believed that whatever is given to the Brahmins it reaches to our ancestors.
  • After the Brahmin bhoj, you have to share the food with crow, cow, ants and dogs.
  • By performing Shradh ritual is believed that it removes the negative energy and brings happiness to our family. 


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