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What is Ekadashi Shraddha?

Shradh or pitra paksha

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What is EkadashiShraddha?

EkadashiShraddha is the eleventh day of PitruPaksha. This Shradh is also known as GyarasShraddha or Indira Ekadashi.

According to the Hindu calendar, EkadashiShraddha falls on the Ekadashitithi of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. As per the North Indian Amavasyant Calendar, PitruPakshaEkadashi falls in KrishanPaksha of Ashwin month.

Shraddha rituals are performed to provide homage to the dead ancestors. Apart from Shraddha rituals, Vishnu puja is also performed on this day.

In 2018, the date of Eleventh Shraddha is 5th October on Friday. As per the Hindu calendar, EkadashiShraddha is performed for those who died on the EkadashiTithi, including both Shukla and Krishna PakshaEkadashi.

Tarpan is offered to the deceased and PindDaan is performed as the process of Shraddha.


Date and Muhurat of EkadashiShraddha in 2018

EkadashiShraddha - 05 October 2018 on Friday


EkadashiShradh PujaMuhurat

  • KutupMuhurat = 11:45 to 12:32
  • RohinaMuhurat = 12:32 to 13:19
  • ApaharanMuhurat = 13:19 to 15:39
  • For those who died on the EkadashiTithi.


Rituals of EkadashiShraddha

  • EkadashiShraddha rituals involve offering tarpan to the ancestors. It is a way of giving respect and tribute to one’s ancestors.
  • After the tarpan, PindDaan is performed.
  • After the completion of all the rituals, the food is offered to a Brahmin.
  • You have to give the food to crow or cow.
  • “Daan” is also done on the EkadashiShraddha for the deceased family member who dies on this tithi.

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