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Kumbh 2019, Kumbh Mela 2019 Prayag Raj all Information

Festivals 2019

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Kumbh Mela 2019

Kumbh Mela is one of the most auspicious and famous fairs of Hinduism which you can also say “Aastha ki Dubki”.Kumbh mela is the world’s largest religious gathering and is a very vital event for Hinduism. During these days, not only Hindus but people from different religion from various parts of country and across the world gather to take bath in the holy river.

Where Kumbh Mela is celebrated?

Kumbh Mela helds at four cities and the cities are Nashik, Allahabad (Prayagraj), Ujjain and Haridwar. In every 12 year, the Maha Kumbh Mela held in Allahabad on the banks of the “Sangam” meeting of the three holy rivers - the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati.There is a difference of three years between the Kumbh Melas at Nashik and Haridwar.The fair at Ujjain and Nashik are celebrated in the same year.

The exact date of Kumbh Mela is determined, as per the Vikram Samvat calendar and the rules of Jyotisha, according to a combination of zodiac positions of the Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon.

The Mela may be held at Nashik and Ujjain when the planet is in Leo. In this situation, this Mela is also known as Simhastha. The Ardh Kumbh Mela is held in every six years in Haridwar and Prayag. The Maha Kumbh Mela occurs after 144 years.

The destination of Kumbh Mela alternates between Nashik, Allahabad, Ujjain or Haridwar every three years. But Kumbh in Allahabad holds a great significance than any other Kumbh because it contributes to mild. The “Kumbh” word driven from the Sanskrit language and it is also known by its original name “Kumbha”.

As per the Scriptures, before the creation of the world, Lord Brahma performed Ashwamegha Yagya here. As a sign of this Yagya, Brahmeshwara temple is present at Dashwamedh Ghat. Mainly, four fairs are recognized as the Kumbh Melas like the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, the Prayag Kumbh Mela, the Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Simhastha and Ujjain Simhastha etc.  

Kumbh Mela 2019 Dates

In 2019, The Allahabad Ardh Kumbh will start from the date of 15 January on the occasion of Paush Purnima and will end on 4th March (the day of Maha Shivratri). The Kumbh Mela 2019 is going to be held at the Triveni Sangam in Prayag. We are providing you the dates of Kumbh Mela 2019.

Snan Parva

Day & Date

Makar Sankranti (1st shahi Snan)


Paush Purnima


Paush Ekadashi


Mauni Amavasya (2nd Shahi Snan)


Basant Panchami (3rd shahi Snan)


Magh Ekadashi


Maghi Purnima


Maha Shivratri





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