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Get Griha Pravesh Muhurat


As per the Indian Astrology, muhurat is an auspicious time to start-up or accomplish any task which brings good luck in one’s life. It is believed that performing any work in Muhurat, it brings success. In this article, Bhoomi Pujan Muhurat by Swami Gagan is being described below.

What is all about the Bhumi Pujan Muhurat by Swami Ji -

If you are going to start the construction of your new house’s work, it must you doing after the Bhumi poojan. It is very important and necessary pooja for the new house’s construction. It brings the blessings of mother Bhumi (earth). That poojan must be doing in Shubh Muhurat. Performing Bhumi Pujan in Shubha Muhurat, your new house gives more happiness, prosperity, well-being and peace of mind in your life.   

According to Astrology Expert Swami Gagan, the best time or Muhurat to do Bhumi pujan is in the month of Kartika, margshirsha, Shravana and Pausha. Performing Bhumi Pujan during this month, it is considered best for the building. All negative energy and harmful power stay away from your place. Your building brings positive energy.

You should Avoid Bhoomi puja on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Thursday are very suitable days to do this puja. Doing the Bhumi Pujan, you have to face towards the east direction. The place in which you are going to perform Bhumi Pujan the land should be clean

If you want to know which Muhurat is suitable for you according to your horoscope, you must consult our Astrology Expert Swami Gagan. He provides you the auspicious date, day, time and tithi which is suitable to your planets and moon situation.


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