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Get Car purchase muhurat


Are you one of those who is going to buy a new car this year? If you answer is YES !!!. You might have already considered with your family members like which colour would be right to select, which Registration Number will go along with your personality and what kinds of ornaments would be right to add unique style to your car. But, have you thought which day or time will be correct to take delivery? It’s being suggested here that don’t go for buying the car without consulting a lucky date otherwise it can be harmful to you.  

Before taking possession of a newly purchased car, there is a great need to decide which day or month will be best for you.  

If you want to know which day is right to purchase new car, you can consult with us. Our Astrology Expert Swami Gagan gives you correct Muhurat detail which is suitable to your horoscopes.


The auspicious day is calculated on the basis of Panchang Suddhi. After doing Panchang Suddhi, it becomes easy to bring out auspicious date and time to buy a car. To buy a car, Movable Nakshatra Punarvasu, Sharvana, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha and Swati are considered best. Apart from the above mentioned, there are some other sweet and small Nakshatras also play a wide role to purchase vehicle. Being a distinguished online shopping, we are exploring here a list having the auspicious date, day and timing. This list has been prepared on the basis of Nakshatra, Tithi, Lagna and many other Panchang aspects.


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