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Delay in Marriage

Delay in Marriage

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Experience the oneness into duality.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing that exists on this universe. It makes us complete. Ardhnarishwar is a great example of it. Even the God is incomplete without this union.

In today’s context as well, we are incomplete human being without marriage. If we think on very practical ground we have certain needs to fulfill like - at emotional, physical, psychological and social level.

Also the journey of new life cannot start without it. And family grows after it.

But sometimes, even after putting so much effort we still don’t get a perfect life partner for us.

For that we need to check what are the reasons behind it such as:

  1. What are the planetary position and combination related to marriage?
  2. Is there any sign of marriage delay in birth Horoscope?
  3. Is there any chance of second marriage or divorce?
  4. Chances of Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?
  5. Is there any Dosha which is creating hurdles like Mangal Dosha, Pitra Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha etc.?
  6. Even after the remedies of dosha why the things are not working in your favor?
  7. When you will get married?
  8. How will be your married life?
  9. Is there any chance of extra marital affair of your partner after marriage?

And if you’re facing any of the above issues or you have any other concern related to Marriage Life or Delay in Marriage, get the prediction and know the best Vedic remedies or solution to get rid from all of your worries.

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