Remedies for Students to Get Success in Education, Exam and Career on Vasant Panchami


Remedies for Students on Vasant Panchami

Astrological Remedies

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काकचेष्टा वकोध्यानं स्वान निद्रा तथैव च ।

अल्पाहारी गृहत्यागी विद्यार्थी पञ्च लक्षणं ।।




कौवे की तरह जानने की चेष्टा, बगुले की तरह ध्यान, कुत्ते की तरह सोना

अल्पाहारी (आवश्यकतानुसार खाने वाला) और घर को त्यागने वाला


यह एक आदर्श विद्यार्थी के लक्षण हैं


The above line describes five special characteristics of the students; if the student has these qualities then he will always be successful and will continue on the path of progress.


But if the student is facing difficulty in education or career due to any reason, he is not able to succeed, then on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami worshiping Mother Saraswati and doing some astrological measures, all the problems can be resolved.


If the student is facing the following problem:


  • Unable to concentrate,
  • Not being successful in competitive examinations,
  • Not even getting desired result after hard work,
  • Not getting desired job and position, Etc.


For the solution of all these problems you can perform the Maa Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami and take measures to please them.


With Maa Saraswati's grace, education and art related people get success in their work. Vasant Panchami is considered to be a very auspicious day to receive the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.


Benefits of the Saraswati Puja and Remedies on Vasant Panchami:


  • Your mind will always be focused on education,
  • You will be successful in competitive examinations,
  • You will get a job accordingly,
  • You will do any new work that will be successful in it,


So, if you are facing any issue related to your education, exams, career and Job then consult with Famous Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan and know remedies as per your birth chart details.

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