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Purnima Shraddha 2018, Purnima Tithi Shradh and Puja Ritual | Shivology
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What is Purnima Shraddha?


As per the Brahma Purana, in the month of Ashwin, the God of Death “Yamraj” grants freedom of all the souls so they can accept the food made by their children on the occasion of Shradh.

It is an important ritual in which one performs to pay homage to one’s ancestors. Shradh is a Sanskrit word which means any act that is performed with all sincerity and faith.

According to the Hindu calendar, the second half of the month Bhadrapada is known as PitruPaksha or Shradh. BhadrapadaPurnima is considered one of the important day in Hinduism.

PurnimaShradh is also known as ShraddhiPurnima or ProshthapadiPurnimaShradha.

On this day, Shradh ritual is performed for those who died on Purnima day. As per the Scriptures, Shradh for those who died on full moon day or Purnima can be done on AmavasyaShradh Date but can’t be performed on Bhadrapada.

Though BhadrapadaPurnmaShradh falls one day before and it is not a part of PitruPaksha.

PitruPaksha starts on the next day of Purnima on the Pratipada day in the month of Bhadrapada.


Date of PurnimaShradha in 2018

PurnimaShradha - 24th September 2018 on Monday


  • KutupMuhurat = 11:48 to 12:36
  • RohinaMuhurat = 12:36 to 13:24
  • ApaharanMuhurat  = 13:24 to 15:48


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