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What is Maha Bharani, Chaturthi Shraddha?

Shradh or pitra paksha

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What is MahaBharani, ChaturthiShraddha?

PitruPaksha is considered a very important period for Hindus. ChaturthiShradha is the fourth day of the PitruPaksha. ChaturthiShradha is also known as ChauthShradha.

According to the Hindu calendar, ChaturthiShradha falls on the vidiyatithi of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. As per the North Indian Amavasyant Calendar, ChaturthiShradha is fall in the month of Ashwin.

All we know that ChaturthiShradha is the fourth day of the sixteen-day long PitruPaksha. In 2018, ChaturthiShradha date falls on 28th September on Friday.

This Shraddha is performed for those who died on the ChaturthiTithi as per the Hindu calendar. Deceased may have died in either fortnight i.e. ShuklaPaksha or Krishna Paksha.


What is MahaBharani?

BharaniShradha is an auspicious ritual during PitraPaksha. BharaniShradha is performed in PitruPaksha when BharaniNakshatra starts in Aparahnakaal.

BharaniShraddha comes on Chaturthi or PanchamiTithi of PitruPaksha. BharaniShradha falls on Chaturthitithi is called ChauthBharani. If it falls on Panchamitithi is called PanchamiBharani.


Date and Muhurat of ChaturthiShraddha in 2018 

ChaturthiShradha - 28th September 2018 on Friday


ShradhMuhurat of ChaturthiShradh

  • KutupMuhurat = 11:48 to 12:35
  • RohinaMuhurat = 12:35 to 13:23
  • ApaharanMuhurat  = 13:23 to 15:45


ShubhMuhurat of BharaniShradha

  • KutupMuhurat = 11:47 to 12:35
  • RohinaMuhurat = 12:35 to 13:22
  • ApaharanMuhurat  = 13:22 to 15:44

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