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Get Consultation for Shani Sade Sati Dosh from Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan
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Get Consultation for Shani Sade Sati Dosh from Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan


Get Shani Dosh Consultation from Renowned Celebrity TV Astrologer Swami Gagan this Shani Jayanti (03 June 2019).

Shani Jayanti (Shani Amavasya) 2019:

  • Date: 03 June 2019,
  • Day: Monday
  • Amavasya Tithi Start: 04:39 Pm on 2 Jun 2019
  • Amavasya Tithi End: 03:31 Pm on 3 Jun 2019
  • Hindu Month: Jyeshtha

Which Type of Consultation you can get From Swami Gagan about Shani Planet and Shani Dosha?

People begin to fear when listening to Shani Dev's name, people feel that there is bad influence from Saturn, but according to Swami Gagan, Saturn is the god of justice and he gets the fruits according to the deeds of the people.

But sometimes due to Saturn, native face hurdles in his life and then you need to find out the reason behind and remove it by the accurate remedies.

You will get the following query’s answer from Swami Gagan regarding Shani:

  • Where is Shani now in your Horoscope, and why it is creating the hurdles?
  • When your Shani Sadhe Sati or Dhayya started and when it will end?
  • What are the effects of Shani in your Horoscope?
  • Till when these hurdles will stay and when it will stop?
  • What are the best remedies for the Shani Shanti and Shani Dosh Removal?
  • Also you will get if other Dosha is present or not in your Kundali?

Why Consultation about Shani Dosh from Swami Gagan?

You can get consultation from famous Celebrity Astrologer Swami Gagan about Shani Planet, Shani Sadhe Sati and Shani Dhayya because:

  • Swami Gagan has more than 20+ years of Experience in Astrology and Kundali.
  • Swami Gagan is a famous Celebrity TV Astrologer who has great knowledge of Kundali and Dosha.
  • Swami Gagan has done many news channel discussion about Shani Planet, Shani Temple of India like Shani Shingnapur etc (Channels: Times Now, Republic TV, News-X, ABP News etc.).
  • More than 32000 clients have taken Consultation from Swami Gagan Ji.

So you can get Consultation and Remedies about Shani Sadhe Sati and Shani Dhayya from Swami Gagan on the auspicious occasion of Shani Jayanti 2019.

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