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Masik Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Dates 2018, Monthly Vinayak Chaturthi Dates 2018 | Shivology
Masik Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Dates 2018 om swami gagan

Masik Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Dates 2018


Masik Ganesh Chaturthi is a holy festival which comes every month. Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious day and this day is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Devotees keep fast on Masik Ganesh Chaturthi to worship Lord Ganesha as he is the God of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. It is believed that Lord Vinayak was born during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. This Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. 


In Hindu calendar, there are two Ganesh Chaturthi Tithis in each Lunar month. Today we are providing you the dates of Masik Ganesh Chaturthi.



14-08-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Shukla)   Tuesday

30-08-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Krishna)  Thursday


September, 2018                           

13-09-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Shukla)   Thursday

28-09-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Krishna)  Friday


October, 2018                  

27-10-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Krishna)  Saturday


November, 2018                            

26-11-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Krishna)  Monday


December, 2018                             

11-12-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Shukla)   Monday

25-12-2018         Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat (Krishna)  Tuesday


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