Navdurga Puja Vidhi, Rituals of Nine Goddess Puja in Navratri


Navdurga Puja Vidhi

Nav Durga Puja

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Navdurga Puja Vidhi

To please goddess Durga, devotee needs to follow the accurate Nav Durga Puja Vidhi. Here, everything you required to know is being explored meticulously to perform the right puja Vidhi.

Things Required To Perform Nav Durga Puja

  1. 9 avatar of Goddess maadurga idol or photo -1 nos.
  2. Chawki
  3. New Red cloth
  4. Roli
  5. Aam k pate
  6. Sweet
  7. Supari
  8. Gangajal
  9. Chawal
  10. Earthen lamp
  11. Ghee
  12. roli
  13. Coconut
  14. Chuni
  15. kalawa
  16. Wick
  17. Sindoor
  18. Scent
  19. Sacred Thread
  20. Log
  21. kapur
  22. Elayichi
  23. Bati
  24. Diya
  25. Dhoop Stick
  26. Flowers
  27. flower garland

Nav Durga Puja Vidhi:-

In this section, navdurga puja Vidhi are being described below. Lets check it out.

  1. Place the Chawki on a pooja place and cover it with new red cloth.
  2. Put the goddess Durga Idol/photo on chawki.
  3. Sprinkle Gangajal on the idol and surroundings to make the puja place sacred.
  4. Light up the earthen lamp and aragvati stick to start pooja.
  5. Pray to goddess Durga to receive your pooja offerings.
  6. Apply Tilak on forehead of goddess Durga. You must also put Chawla on Tika.
  7. Show earthen lamp and dhoopstick to goddess durga.
  8. Offer sweet and Gangajal to drink.
  9. Now, it is time to offer log, supari and elayich.

At the time of Dhyaan of the goddess durga, keep chanting the following Mantra -

                   I Ya devi sarvabhutesu, shanti rupenasansitha I
                   I Ya devi sarvabhutesu, shaktirupenasansthita I
                   I Ya devi sarvabhutesu, matrarupenasansthita I
        II Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo Namaha II

                  I Sarvamangalamaangalyeshivesarvaarthasaadhike I
                               ISharanyetrayambake Gauri I
                                 II Narayaninamosthute II

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