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Wear light, feel light!

Wear light, feel light!

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Clothes are very crucial when it comes to dressing in summers. Some clothes make you sweat a lot while others keep you cool. Fabrics like cotton evaporate the sweat and provide a cooling sensation. If we feel comfortable from inside then it automatically reflects in our mood and behavior. Summers usually take out the worst in us, because it comes with a lot of troubles – look trouble, clothes trouble, feel trouble. Let’s beat the heat with our clothes so here are some tips that we must keep in mind to stay cool and happy even under the sun.

Wear light, feel light

The clothes we wear reflect a lot of how we feel. In summers especially it becomes imperative to wear light cotton clothes preferably of lighter shades like whites, pinks etc. White reflects sunlight and keeps the body cool. Cotton keeps the skin airy and thereby free from perspiration. It is a great way to beat the heat in the most natural fashion.

We often spend a huge portion of our day in front of ACs in summers. This takes away natural moisture from our skin. It even harms the eyes. But if by wearing lighter fabric we can keep cool, then nothing like it. Let’s be smart and beat the heat this season in style.


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