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Water absorbs it all!

Water absorbs it all!

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Water is blessed with some amazing superpowers. It dissolves almost everything in it. And we are super blessed that we have water at our disposal. We know that summers make us all the more thirsty but we must make sure that we don’t just drink water to quench our thirst, but make its optimum utilization.

Water absorbs all

Water is a reservoir of a multitude of benefits. Water has a property of absorbing almost everything. But one amazing feature of water is that the advantages of having water increases N number of times if certain things are kept in mind.

  • For example, we must always have water while sitting rather than standing. This reduces the chances of water retention in the bones that cause arthritis.
  • Warm water can felicitate metabolism for the body and prevent bloating.
  • Having water first thing in the morning cleans the system of a lot of toxins.
  • Having water kept in copper utensils overnight helps in digestion
  • Having jeera water in the morning helps reduce fat from the tummy area
  • Having water with 2 drops of squeezed lemon smoothens the skin
  • Water with cinnamon powder cures Type II diabetes
  • Honey with warm water helps in weight control and faster metabolic rate

Apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water on empty stomach helps burn excessive calories

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