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Juices-Flavor of the Season

Juices – Flavor of the Season

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It is often noted that in summers the body has trouble digesting heavy substance as food. It is advisable that we have more of liquids as they are more refreshing and rejuvenating. Here’s a look to our favorite picks this season.

Make juices – your friend for the season

Summers call for a lot of drinks. Infact we stock our refrigerators so much that there is something for everybody. But instead of going the synthetic way and consuming ready-to-eat stuff, let’s go desi this time.

Nimbu Shikanji for example, is so easy to make. It requires just a glass of water, 5 spoons of lime juice, a spoon of mint juice, a pinch of sugar, salt, cumin powder and grated ginger.

Buttermilk is my personal favorite and the easiest. It requires 1 quarter curd, 3 quarters of water, pinch of salt, grated ginger, cumin seeds. All of these are ground and filtered and it’s ready.

A little unusual is a new addition to the list – coriander juice. The recipe is quite simple and the product is amazing. We need a few coriander leaves, a glass of water, grated ginger, 1 small spoon of lemon juice and sugar/salt as per taste. We grind all this and filter the solution and the amazing is ready!!

Thandai is a special delicacy prepared that hails from the northern part of the country. It requires a glass of milk mixed with “thandai  mix” and a cube of ice and we are good to go!

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