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Uses and Benefits of Navgrah Yantra, Get Navgrah Yantra for Diwali Puja | Shivology
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Navgrah Yantra for Diwali Puja


About Navgrah Yantra for Diwali Puja

The Navgraha word is made up of two words - Nav which means nine and Graha stand for planets. The Navgraha includes Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Rahu, Ketu, and Shani.

Navgraha Yantra is one of the most divine and unique Yantra. According to the Astrology, Navagraha represents the Nine Planets. This Yantra is a “Mystical Diagram” of the Nine Planets.

Navgraha Yantra is the most powerful and auspicious Yantra among all other Yantras. Mainly this Yantra is associated with the positive energy of nine planets.

It is believed that it carries the power of all planets. This Yantra can be worshipped by everyone.  A person who regularly worships Navgraha Yantra achieves success and stays happy in life.

As per the astrology, the impact of Navgraha Yantra can be much more valuable than gemstones. Normally Yantras are used to control the malefic effects of planets.

Each of these nine planets exerts an influence on our lives which is called "Dasa." Navgraha has such effect of many aspects of life like career, love, marriage, finance, and health etc.

If you are facing ups and down in your life due to the malefic effects of Planets. Navgraha Yantra can be helpful in this case.

This Yantra is divided into nine squares and each one with a deity representing the corresponding planet.

Benefits of Navgraha Yantra

  • Monetary conditions are improved.
  • Negativity and bad luck stay away from the person.
  • Wisdom is developed.
  • Bring Luck and ward off evil and black magic.
  • Protect the wearer from physical harm.

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