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General Feng Shui Tips


The Feng shui really works like magic to remove all kind of negative energy in your house and office. It proves helpful to reduce all kind of negative power and energy. It brings lots of wealth, well-being, happiness, success, progress and positivity energy to your place. If you want to buy the Feng shui items, you must consult with Vastu expert at least one time. If you are buying wrong Feng shui items then you have to face the side-effect of Feng shui.   

Feng Shui Tips by Swami ji -

In this section, Feng Shui tips by Swami Ji are being described below. If you are curious to know for Feng shui tips, let’s check it out.

  1. Keep your house clean. If your house is always dirtier, it is not a good sign for you. It brings negative energy in your house. As per the Feng Shui, if your house remains clean then it is good for you. It brings financial windfalls, unexpected good news, opportunities, promotion at work in one's life.
  2. Broken mirror, door or other things should not be kept in your house. These things are not considered good for you.
  3. Keep your windows clean. Dirty window block the path of positive energy and success.
  4. T.V. should not be placed in bedrooms.
  5. If your bathroom in touch with bedroom, then keeps the bathroom’s door always closed.
  6. As a Feng Shui purpose, the water should be flowing toward the centre of the house. Water symbolizes wealth.

These Feng Shui tips help to bring positive energy and happiness in your house. It removes all kind of negativity from your house. If you want Feng Shui tips according to your problem, you must choose us. Our Feng Shui expert gives you suitable tips to reduce all kind of negative powers.


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