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Jagannath Temple Yatra

Jagannath Temple Yatra

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The Jagannath Dham, Puri is one of the most famous temples that form a part of the popular “Char Dham” designated to Hindu pilgrimage. The Hindus also regard the Jagannath Dham Temple Prasad as the most sacred offering. This Jagannath Dham Temple is built for worshipping Lord Vishnu who is knwn to be the creator of the universe.

The Jagannath Dham, Puri dates back to about the 12th century AD. The Jagannath Dham, Puri is built in the Kalinga style of architecture. The best part of the temple is its annual Rath Yatra where various deities are dressed and made to be sent on display in chariots and it is believed that anybody who sees that Yatra goes up to achieving salvation. The Prasad at the temple contains –

  • A statue of Golden Vishnu and its Prasad
  • A packet of Nirmalaya
  • A packet of Khaja Bhog
  • A picturesque poster of the Jagannath Dham

It is believed that people on whom, Lord Jagannath is happy, never end up in deficits. They always have more than they need and are never in need of anything as their hands are always full. Lord Jagannath is worshipped in full vigor in the Northern part of India.

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