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Break-up with Guilt Foods

Break-up with Guilt Foods

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Today we live in a scenario where we eat junk food in uncontrolled proportions, especially the kids studying away from home, young working professionals. Booze has also become quite a trend. Office hours are characterized by the cups of tea/coffee we take. Unknowingly we are pushing our bodies towards its own decay. Summers are a critical season because all microorganisms naturally tend to grow in this weather condition so it becomes all the more important to monitor our diet hereon.

Say bye-bye to alcohol, caffeine and spicy food

Alcohols and other hard drinks are always harmful in all seasons, but specifically in summers, its effect increase manifold. It causes acidity and indigestion. It lowers down the metabolic rate of the body also.

Caffeine also creates similar problems and hence it is advisable that we take buttermilk, nimbu sharbat and other organic drinks rather than tea and coffee.

Summers also causes dehydration as we sweat a lot and this can be easily cured by in taking a lot of fresh fruit juices and other liquids.

Hence in summers it is advisable to consume more of fresh fruits and leafy veggies and keep away from spicy oily fried food as it causes lethargy and invites various germs to invade us. Spicy oily food also causes inflammation and acne on the skin.

All in all, all these guilt food do no good but damage and we must curb our fetish and try to eat as healthy as possible.

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