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Puja Consultation with Complete Solution

There are a number of pujas that are available, and each has their own benefits, rituals and procedure to perform that puja.

For every individual puja, there is a specific pandit, some of them are common pujas which can be done via normal pujaris however for unique pujas we need specialist brahmans and pujaris who knows the proper traditional way of performing the puja.

That's why there are multiple factors one needs to consider, such as:

These are some of the things that should be analyzed before proceeding for any of the puja rituals.

Hence Puja Consultation becomes important to get the most benefits of the puja performed.

Why Suffer? When the Solution is available


Consult with Swami ji

If you or any one in your family or closed one is thinking about performing any kind of puja rituals, and are confused which puja to perform or which is the most suitable puja then get the right guidance & solution from Renowned Astrologer Swami Gagan.

What you will get in this Consultation?

"Astrology is not which predicts your Future,
Astrology is which helps you to Resolve your issues,
get the Desired results & create your Future."

- Swami Gagan

About Swami Ji

Interviewed By:

Swami Ji spent his entire life to study the scriptures and gained sacred knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads & Shastras. He has been practicing many sadhnas, dhyan, meditation & distance healing techniques.

He has also been into numerous renowned TV Channels in many debates and Spiritual Programmes.

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What Clients Say About Us

"Super happy with the report..."

I recently bought this report from shivology and I just wanted to see if it is the same automated 50-100 pages report or actually a genuine one. And am surprised to see this one is actually written as per my query and birth details. No stories, just pure to the point report talking about my problem and its solution. Super happy with the report thankyou team.

Dr. Aanchal, Mumbai

"He properly analyzed each and every point..."

Many astrologers checked my kundli but none gave me a proper solution for my marriage delay problem. After going through Swamiji's website I learnt about him and went for the consultation report. He properly analyzed each and every point and gave remedies to me which were easy to do by myself. Those worked for me!! For years I couldn't get married but now finally I am happily married. All thanks to swamiji and shivology team to bring up this report.

Jayesh, Bhopal

"Its worth the amount paid..."

Giving 5 stars to their service! The report had everything one wants to see. I even got suggestion for which gemstone is best for me. All in all its worth the amount paid. On top of it, very much personalized

Kunal, Delhi

"Written properly with great explanation..."

Thankyou so much for this wonderful report. I got my report the next day and it was written properly with great explanation regarding my business problem. They also mentioned the steps that are needed to be taken for my business to grow. Those points were very much based on real facts and strategic at the same time. It helped me a lot in my business. Thanks again

Guri, Mohali

"Genuine guidance for my relationship ..."

I was looking up for a genuine guidance for my relationship, as from the past few months my boyfriend left me without saying anything and I was so much into him that I never wanted to loose him. Consulted many online but everyone said he will come back but he didn't. Finally I took up this report, and Swami ji guided me that there is zero possibility that he will come back, focus on your future ahead, and forget about him. You have a great life and soon will have a better life partner. At first I was angry that why he cannot come back, but later I got to know that he even has got married with another person. So everything has its own time, you just need a proper guidance. Thankyou so much Swami ji for your help. Pranam

D.Subramaniyam, Hyderabad

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In view of the current pandemic situation, we have reduced the charges for the consultation for a limited time period, so that it's affordable and everyone can opt for consultation and get their problem resolved.

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  • Proper Analysis done based on your Birth Charts
  • Complete Solution with Best Possible Puja for you
  • You will receive your complete personalized report (personally analyzed by Swami ji) via Email in 2-3 working days after you submit your details

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A1. The mode of consultation is only via Email. So once you make the payment for the consultation you will receive a report in 2-3 working days.

A2. If you take consultation from us, then the puja you want to perform will be at a discounted price.

A3. You can send us an email at shivology108@gmail.com along with your query, we will guide you with the steps ahead.

A4. After the analysis of your kundli and birth charts, Swami ji will guide you and suggest you Complete Solution & Best Possible Puja for your problem on the basis of planetary positions and dasha.

A5. Renowned Astrologer Swami Gagan will be personally analyzing your kundli and then will be suggesting you puja that will be most beneficial for you.

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